Thanks to the efforts of Heather and Pat at Volunteer Fairs and due to our involvement now with Volunteer Victoria, we have been receiving more volunteer applications.                                                                                          
I would like to explain the procedure we follow with new volunteers.  Once the completed application has been returned to the Gift Shop, I phone the applicant to arrange 3 training sessions, and I usually fit them in with myself, Heather or Pat.  We like to have them try a morning, afternoon and evening shift, if possible.  During their first session we give them the hand-out package we have prepared which contains written information about the shop and what is expected of them on the job.  After they have completed their training, and have committed to doing some shifts on a permanent basis, we collect their $10 membership fee, obtain an ID badge for them, and send in a parking permit request (if needed).  The $10 and their membership application form is then forwarded to the Membership Secretary for processing. Many thanks to those of you who help me out training new volunteers when they have a shift with you.  It is much appreciated,

.                                 Bev Hutchinson, Shop Convenor